Fanvil Call Center Advantage

Fanvil Call Center Advantage

Do your call center phones have the features that matter? Do they cater to the needs of your call center representatives? Find out how Fanvil X2P/X2CP IP phone, the most professional IP phone for call center, helps you create profitable customer experience.

Designed to minimize the space it occupies, X2P/X2CP is suitable for small office desks in a call center.

LED Keypads
LED buttons of Mute/Hold/Auto-answer help avoid operational error and improve work efficiency.

2 RJ9 Ports
One is for normal use and the other for supervision use. Great for call center training.

Pedal Switch
Tailored function for the call center. X2P/X2CP enables call center representatives answer/hang up calls by a pedal switch so that they can multitask.